Svelte Yeti Health and Fitness is an engaged and diverse community of active minded people seeking transformation.  We offer tangible strategies that foster insight and adaptive coping through mindfulness and meditation, athletics, and holistic nutrition through plant-based living.  Our community encourages personal growth while providing friendship along the way.  Make Svelte Yeti Health and Fitness your home for inspiration, through a community that celebrates your readiness for change.  We look forward to sharing the journey with you!

The Meaning Behind “Svelte Yeti”:

Many of our readers are deeply invested in fitness.  Engaging in an active lifestyle has several positive side effects, one of which is mild to moderate changes in body shape.  At Svelte Yeti Health and Fitness, we promote a Body Positive and Intuitive Eating approach when discussing transformation goals.

Calling yourself a “Svelte Yeti,” means you understand that weight is not an ideal metric for describing health and fitness outcomes.  We encourage everyone to embrace their inner Sasquatch with an understanding that fitness comes in all shapes and sizes.

Professional Background of Project Creator, Jerod Killick:

“In 1997 I received my Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology.  My training is in mental health and addictions in the field of behavioral medicine.  I have worked as a clinician in Opioid Replacement therapy, educator, and private practitioner.  

I currently work in Vancouver BC as a Mental Health and Addictions Project Management.  I promote a holistic approach to patient care, acknowledging the bio-psycho-social dynamics of sustainable lifestyle transformation.”

Site Disclaimer:

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