“Wearing meditation and mindfulness practice on your sleeve, appears self-absorbed, and frankly narcissistic.”

Train ride and meditation

Today’s Show

Today we discuss the powerful experience of using meditation and mindfulness in your day-to-day life.  We have mentioned meditation and mindfulness in previous episodes, especially in the context of running.  We get a lot of questions about where these two skills fit into an integrative approach to health and wellness.  Therefore, I believe the topic deserves its own show – today we deliver!

Mindfully Narcissistic

Have you ever had a negative gut reaction to people discussing meditation and mindfulness in your presence?  I have!  It is entertaining how many people I run into calling themselves, “Buddhists.”  In fact, I doubt that most even know what that actually means, other than from watching, “Seven Years In Tibet.”

In a rather rambling reflection, I discuss the often self-absorbed and frankly narcissistic appearance of many, who wear these helpful tools on their sleeve.

Tools For Meditation and Mindfulness

Finally, I provide two very useful takeaway resources.  First, I dive into my experience, albeit on and off, using the “Headspace” guided meditation app, available both on iPhone and Android.  I reveal my sometimes ambivalent relationship with the app, by reviewing what I love, and where I have minor reservations.

Second , I introduce a must-know technique passed down to me from my graduate major professor, called, “The Savouring Exercise.”  I have taught it to countless clients over the years.  The tool requires a keen focus on the senses as a form of mental self-care.

Important Resources Discussed Today

  1. “Peach Is Every Step,” by Which That Hanh
  2. Headspace App
  3. The Vegan Option Podcast

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JKP 046 • Meditation and Mindfulness: The Headspace App and Savouring Exercise was last modified: November 9th, 2017 by Jerod Killick
  • Don’t forget to give the Headspace app a whirl! I really is a great resource.