“October bliss is a warm jacket on a cold evening walk, with a hot boozy drink”

Johnny Loves October Pumpkins

Podcast Rebranding

Welcome everyone to the latest change to our transformation focused website.  Over the past two weeks, we implemented several significant updates to our brand.  In fact, we changed the name of our brand completely!

For the past year and several months, we have operated as, “Svelte Yeti Health and Fitness”.  In an effort to connect to our readers and listeners in a much more intimate way, we have changed the forward facing facade of our site to reflect the growth that we desire.

The website is now known as, “Jerod Killick – Vegan Wellness Advocacy.”  Accordingly, our podcast is now known as the, “Jerod Killick Podcast”.  You will notice that the URL has not changed (www.jerodkillick.ca).  The domain “svelteyeti.ca” will continue to point to the front page of our content.

In is important to note that our mission and content have not changed.  We acknowledge that a successful website and podcast must both provide great and useful information, and connect personally to the audience.  Our shift reflects that effort.

Today’s episode expands on the specific nuances you will notice as you move around our site and listen to future podcast episodes.

iTunes Podcast Artwork

October Bliss

To me, October is a time of rebirth.  I know, most consider Spring a time of renewal or “rebirth,” but I simply disagree.  Maybe it is the experience of starting a new school year or semester, or the new winter clothing we just purchased.  Regardless of the reason, there is no better time to usher in change.

As part of my commentary today, I discuss why I love this time of year so much, and how it ties into our rebranding of the Jerod Killick Podcast.

High Carb Low Fat (HCLF) Diet

As I enter the Fall race season, and consider the challenges of marathon training coming up in early December, I am putting into action a weight loss plan.  Today I provide a quick overview of the HCLF approach to weight management/loss, and reflect on my previous experience with the Dean Ornish Reversing Heart Disease approach.  Both follow an extremely low fat intake (~30g for men, or 10% on an 80-10-10 macro plan).

I also reflect on the “good and bad” of the Body Positive Movement, and lament the rejection our show has experienced from professionals working in this community.

What We Are Looking Forward To

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