“Personal growth is an investment you will never regret.”

Episode on Personal Growth


We are excited to be back after embarking on three weeks of massive changes, both personally and on our website.  From the bottom of our hearts, Liz, Johnny, and myself thank you, our readers and listeners, for sticking with us as we pushed forward our rebranding and changes to the back end of our website.

Today, I share a little about our most recent personal journey, and the response to the changes we have made to our podcast.  Reflection:  It is not that we simply embrace the challenges along the way, it is how we process and engage with the lessons that life offers.

HCLF Diet Revisited

In our previous rebranding episode, I discuss starting a vegan “high carb low fat diet,” in an effort to drop some weight prior to marathon training season.  Today, I update you on my complete dieting failure and lessons learned.  Dieting is a trap in and of itself.  A holistic approach to diet is optimal – Feeling deprived never works; it decreases adherence to even the best weight loss/management plans.

The Personal Growth Journey

The primary focus of today’s discussion is on personal growth.  Although our previous published work hits and personal growth experience, we have never talked directly about the elements necessary for starting a personal growth journey.

I discuss the who, what, where, how, when and why of launching a personal growth journey.  Furthermore, I reflect on the negatives of social media and how it impedes intra-personal change.  I also frame change along an integrative framework, taking into account the bio-psycho-social-spiritual elements to focus on as you develop your own transformative path.

Important People, Places, and Products Mentioned Today

The following resources will help you gain a deeper understand into the HCLF vegan diet mentioned above.

  1. Nutriciously – “All You Need To Know”
  2. Mindfully Bliss
  3. Dr. Dean Ornish’s Program for Reversing Heart Disease

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  • Great solo episode today – discussed things even I have forgotten along the way.