“It’s not about us anymore – It’s for the generations that will never know our name.”

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Today’s Show

Estelle Matheson returns to the show after one year of adventures, insights, and dedicated paddler activism.  Estelle’s initial interview in October of 2016 was one of the most popular podcast downloads of the year.  We were so excited that she agreed to come back for another visit!

Then and Now

You already know Estelle Matheson as an exceptional athlete focused on personal transformation and giving back to her community.  Her volunteer work with the Tabitha Foundation in Cambodia was one of the most formative experiences, catapulting her into the world of paddling upon her return.  She has never looked back.

Today, Estelle continues to race and is an active member of the Jericho Paddling Club.  Over the past year, she has also been an active participant with fellow paddlers in local protests against the Kinder Morgan pipeline.

The Interview

The best interviews are those that take on a life of their own outside any attempts to control the outcome through pre-written show notes.  Today, Estelle shares her protest experience in the Burrard Inlet over the weekend, and the amazing sense of community she experiences in the paddler community. We reflect on how this same “vibe” lacks in many other athletic circles.

Check-out our relaxed chat over coffee at the Killick kitchen table, with occasional interruptions from Bob, the anxious cat, and “snarfs” from Bianka the Pug.

Important Organizations and Clubs Mentioned Today

  1. Monster and Sea
  2. Keep Calm and Paddle On
  3. Stand Up For Great Bear
  4. Jericho Wave Chaser

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Estelle Celebrates

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  • Thank you sooo much Estelle for returning to the show! You rock! Amazing soul and insights!