“On this anniversary, we honor some of our favorite interview experiences.”

Farm Sanctuary

A Year In Review

Liz, Johnny and I are very excited to celebrate our first full year of episodes on the Svelte Yeti Health and Fitness Podcast.  We play highlights from a few of our favorite episodes, and discuss our reaction to each:

  1. Estelle Matheson – “Volunteering, Paddling, and Radical Transformation”
  2. Michael Weinberger – “Wellness App Developer, Huffington Post Writer, and Transformation Agent”
  3. Eric Mathias – “Moksha Yoga – The Journey, Trauma, Transformative Experiences, and Definition”
  4. Tim Van Orden – “Insights on Ego, Transparency, and Transformative Engagement”

Looking Forward

So, what will the coming year will bring?  We will continue to focus our efforts on inviting engaging guests, along with the short form, “Bits and Bobs” style episodes.  We also acknowledge that it is important to keep things light – not all our episodes need to be serious!

Important Products and People Mentioned Today

  • Chorus – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!  Chorus is a social networking app for podcast episodes.  A must have! Come find me there! (User: Jerod Killick)
  • A Plan For Living – Created by Michael Weinberger.  “A straight forward approach to gratitude, spirituality, and mindfulness”.

Consider Being A Guest

Want to get on our show?  Have a view about personal transformation and tools for how to get there?  We would love to have you as a guest.  Head on over to our contact page and drop us a line.

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  • Happy one year listeners! I love these clips from our best shows!

  • Hey folks! since our one year, we have been making major back end changes to our site (CDN, etc.) Follow-up episodes comeing soon! 🙂