“When considering balance, focus on the macro.”

Seeking Balance As A Runner

Friends Catching Up

Liz and I have not done a show in over two months as co-hosts.  How time flies!  We get together today and pick-up where we left off  in early June.  We have both had a particularly busy summer so far, providing lots to great content to share during our conversation.

Listener Comments

We would not exist without the amazing support from our listeners.  Tonight we give thanks to Max Minardi, Quad Father Mft, and Emily Garrett for showing us your comment love.  Growing means both hearing what we are doing right, and learning about areas of improvement.  Your feedback provides motivation to keep trucking forward, one year after inception of the Svelte Yeti Health and Fitness Podcast.  From both of us, we want to say a big, “THANK YOU!”


Remember the experience that Liz had with her physician last June?  She was diagnosed with a stress fracture.  The doctor used it as an opportunity lecture Liz about her vegan diet.  Since, Liz has been on the road to recovery.  Liz shares her healing process and plans for getting back running.  That’s dedication!

Rich Roll Redefines “Balance”

A month ago, Rich Roll published a video titled, “What Is Balance?” with the byline, Balance is Overrated.”  When I first read this, I was shocked – then I went through the roof!   Rich is the poster boy for all things athletic and zen.  I look to him for cosmic comfort when my journey seem daunting, and have even used his advice when developing my own successful exercise program.  There must be more to the story, right?

Liz and play two clips from Rich’s video, and realize that there is clearly much more to the story.  But man, what a mind jolt that headline caused!

Important People and Products Mentioned Today

  1. Rich Roll Podcast
  2. Victoria Moran – The Main Street Vegan

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  • Rich Roll shocked me on this one today. I’m glad I listened to the rest of what he had to say!

  • Thank you everyone who has downloaded this episode. Was a fun show to record. Your emails and tweets are very appreciated. Balance redefined makes sense once you hear what Rich is talking about.