“Every vegan draws a line somewhere – It is still just a line in the sand.”

Developing Clarity

After consider feedback from listeners, and the powerful impact of a trip back home to Norway visiting family, I have made the decision to stop using the term “vegan” in describing my dietary choices.  Instead, I am firmly promoting the positive impact of living a  “plant-based” diet.

Many will find this decision poorly thought out.  Others will embrace the change.  However, before you jump to judgment, consider your own reasons for calling yourself a vegan – then challenge it!

Check-out today’s episode to see why I am more careful about how I identify myself.

Reducing Harms

Harm Reduction philosophy typically applies to the field of addiction.  The principles of Harm Reduction can also be woven into the choices we make about food.  As we consider the power of plant-based living, we are promoting the reduction of harms, both for our own health, and the suffering of animals.

The term “vegan” is often alienating, and in many cases has turned listeners away from the Svelte Yeti Podcast.  In an effort to be more inclusive at Svelte Yeti Health and Fitness, we formally encourage healthy food choices, but only based on the person’s readiness.

Have Your Say

Do you believe that the principles of Harm Reduction can be useful in encouraging healthy/ethical food choices?  Not everybody does!  Please call into the show (1-415-742-8776), or leave your comments below.

Oh, and don’t miss my rant about Whole Foods in today’s episode!


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JKP 033 • Yeti Bits and Bobs – Harm Reduction and Plant-Based Living: Why I No Longer Call Myself Vegan was last modified: October 5th, 2017 by Jerod Killick
  • I have received an overwhelming amount of feedback about this episode. Much more to come! It is clear that backing away from an all or nothing approach to diet, the vegan diet, has caused many in the vegan community distress/irritation.

    I am by no means going to fight against the positive movements that have been made in the ethical vegan movement. I simply am providing a space for people to explore what it means to minimize suffering through using animal products less, and maximize on the health benefits as well.

    I continue to support all things vegan. I no longer support perfectionism and the, at times, promotion of alienation when someone can’t live up to that ideal.

    Stay tuned for more episodes on this topic.