“The best physicians work as your advocate, not accuser!”

2017 PA RagnarWelcome to our 32nd episode!  Today, Liz and I get together to discuss her amazing experience running on the Strong Hearts Vegan Power team at her first Ragnar.  We then cover a disturbing negative experience she recently had with a physician as part of an assessment for shin splints.  This is an episode you will not want to miss!

The Ragnar

Reebock Ragnar Pennsylvania is a relay race stretching more than 200 miles in the Northeast.  The PA Ragnar is a debut event for 2017.  Liz ran several short speedy legs of the race with an average pace around 7:30/mile.  She describes the camaraderie amongst new friends, as groups of runners travel in vans between assigned parts of the relay.  The lack of sleep and stink did not dissuade the formation of amazing new connections in the vegan community.

Anti-Vegan Physicians

Every vegan has dealt with care providers that either dismiss or challenge the non-violent lifestyle we subscribe to.  As a clinician working in healthcare leadership, I am appalled by the events that Liz describes today.

Like most runners, Liz is actively involved in her own injury prevention and treatment.  Most recently, she describes shin splints.  Being proactive, Liz went to a specialist who quickly dismissed her concerns after seeing the prominent vegan tattoo on her upper chest.  In fact, he stated that she was likely deficient in nutrients, and further lumped vegans in with people suffering from eating disorders, stating their common presentations.

Liz and I discuss ways to prevent such interactions, and provide a directory link for plant-based friendly physicians.  Be a consumer – Do not accept negative physician experiences as representative of the profession.

Have you had negative physician experience because of your vegan choice?  We would love your feedback and comments!

Liz Finishes The Ragnar

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  • Have you had negative physician experience because of your vegan choice? We would love your feedback and comments!