“Addicted or not, we are all looking for some form of an altered state.”

Harm Reduction and the 12-Step model are discussed today.  Often seen as opposite forms of treatment for substance dependence, both are evaluated for their contribution as part of a continuum of care.

The 12-Step model begins in the 1930s after a discussion between lifelong friends, Bill W. and Ebby T.  With the help of the Christian fundamentalist organization, the Oxford Group, details of the 12-Step model evolved quickly into an international movement.

Harm Reduction originated in the UK in the 1980s, with am emphasis on providing care to street entrenched substance misusers living with HIV/Hep C.  As a public health philosophy, Harm Reduction became a popular approach in urban centres focusing on both marginalized and stable populations in need.

In today’s episode, I discuss the pros and cons of each approach, ending with a walk-through of my approach as a health care professional.  After 20 years of clinical experience, my approach has evolved to incorporate the ideals of Harm Reduction philosophy, with an emphasis on human rights and normalization.

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