“Nikocado Avocado?  Na!  Should be more like Nikocado BACON!”

Liz's New BikeFor our April 1st episode on the Svelte Yeti Health and Fitness Podcast, (now known as the Jerod Killick Podcast), Liz joins Jonny and I for a relaxed conversation about vegans who go rogue, common myths about vegan living, and the advent of cannabis use in the ultra running community (420games.org).

We review two former vegan YouTube stars, Nikocado Avocado and Joe Vegan, as they describe their reasons for returning to consuming animal products.  Nick presents himself as a histrionic mess who clearly is dealing with broader issues (mania?) above and beyond his ambivalence about veganism.  Joe Vegan, on the other hand, is angry at the militant nature of the vegan community, conceptualizing vegans as predatory and abusive, and a haven for those struggling with eating disorders.

Finally, are runners going to pot?  The running community, even athletes for that matter, is a diverse group.  I recently wrote about the use of cannabis among athletes (Runners On Pot – The Truth about Athletics and Marijuana) where I discuss the research, or lack there of, on the commonly reported benefits of cannabis.  A subculture has emerged among runners that use cannabis for recovery, with some proclaiming a pre-run toke helps the, “get in the zone.”  Liz Johnny and I discuss why this appears to be a, “thing.”

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  • OMG I have made an enemy of Nikacodo Avacado and Joe Vegan. X-vegans turn on vegan community. That’s okay. The community needs a cleans from all the negativity. Happy healthy vegans united!