“You cannot run your way out of a bad diet.”

Thrive With Zucchini

Erase The Slimming Foods Myth

Having difficulty dropping unwanted weight?  “Yup!” 

Possessed by a negative body image and obsessed with thin? “Join the club!”

Losing battle!?  “Absolutely!”

Finding that singular solution to weight utopia simply does not exist.  Whether this is a testament to our obsession with weight as a culture, or the obstacles our body throws along the way, dropping weight and keeping it off feels virtually impossible.  In reality, it actually is…well almost.  In fact, the percentage of people that are able to drop a substantial amount of weight, and keep it off, falls somewhere around 2% across various peer reviewed studies.

As you know, at Svelte Yeti Health and Fitness, we are invested in providing support to anyone seeking a transformative health experience.  The entry point for many folks into creating a, “new you” is typically weight loss.  We encourage our readers to develop a fully rounded approach, and to dive deep, well beyond weight as a measure of success.

Hundreds of people land on our page every week looking for weight loos solutions.  Recently, the most searched for term leading to the Svelte Yeti Health and Fitness website was, slimming foods.  I find this generally entertaining, but also do not want to brush off people’s need to learn about a healthier lifestyle approach.

Today, we are covering the concept of “slimming foods,” in an effort to provide education within the context of intuitive eating and a rounded approach to nutrition.

What Are Slimming Foods?

A slimming food is one that is characterized as causing weight loss, typically advertised as a singular solution to solving the infamous battle of the tummy bulge.  Authority Nutrition, a website touting themselves as an, evidence-based approach to healthy eating, lists whole eggs, leafy greens, salmon, cruciferous vegetables, lean beef and chicken breast, boiled potatoes, tuna, beans and legumes, soups, cottage cheese, avocados, apple cider vinegar, nuts, some whole grains, chili pepper, fruit, grapefruit, chia seeds, coconut oil, and fully-fat yoghurt, as weight loss friendly.  Broad list?  Yup! Did they leave anything out?

Even the popular website, Eating Well touts a “secret weapon” list of nutrients that guarantee a loss in inches!  It is clear that content providers are attempting to appeal and capitalize on our need for quick solutions to complicated problems.

Claims of any singular food that results in weight loss, all have one thing in common – they lack any credible evidence.  Have a look around on google, and you can see that many have fallen into the “whole foods” trap, promoting that a diet of unprocessed food is healthier than prepared foods.  This is actually true.  However, stating that a whole foods diet actually leads to weight loss is another story.  Even a good thing in robust quantities, can result in excess caloric intake.

How About Superfoods?

Many circles talk about, “superfoods” as a powerful approach to providing nutrients with a punch, foods that lead to a healthy new you.  They are noted as vitamin and mineral dense.  Unfortunately, consumers also tend to promote the disease fighting properties of superfoods, including cancer, MS, etc.  Of course, the evidence is weak, at best, for any of these claims.  Many superfoods are also classified as slimming foods, and hence the confusion.

Can You Eat Your Way To Thin?

I am going to give you two direct answers regarding your ability to eat your way to thin.

  • YES – You can eat your way to thin!  As a member in the running community, diet is king.  You can easily drop weight in the first few months of running regardless of diet, but without paying close attention to nutrition moving forward, that weight loss will plateau.  There is no doubt that you cannot run your way out of a bad diet.  Thus, without understanding nutrition, assuming that weight loss is your primary goal, no amount of running will get you to an ideal body weight (when measuring BMI).
  • NOYour body resists weight loss changes.  Sumithran, et al., in the New England Journal of Medicine, found in a 2011 study, that weight loss led to significant decrease in leptin (among other hormones), along with a significant increase in appetite.  In fact, it was discovered that, “One year after initial weight reduction, levels of circulating mediators of appetite that encourage weight regain after diet-induced weight loss, do not revert to the levels recorded before weight loss.”  This means that our body both profoundly resists weight loss (plateau) and keeping the weight off.  This means then that, hormones are king!

Athletics and Nutrition

It is critical to move past weight loss a measure of, dare I say, health!  It is important to embrace a holistic bio-psycho-social approach to evaluating success, as you move along your transformative path.  Elite athletes are born with a gift.  Elites remain our heroes, but should not be the ideal.  You have to create an ideal that takes into account history, genetics, and health driven goals.

However, whether you are an elite, or the remains 99% of us obsessed with feel amazing, nutrition is critical.  A proactive approach to the food you consume, leads to a subjective sense of well-being, and provides improved recovery between major exertion events.  A diet high in processed foods will likely drag you down, both on and off the road.

The Final Verdict Regarding Slimming Foods?

Both slimming foods and superfoods alike, are generally viewed as healthy.  Examine any website that promotes a particular slimming food, and you will notice they are whole and unprocessed.  There are lists that take into account both a plant-based diet and omnivores.  However, it is critical to view both slimming foods and superfoods, not as the utopian elements destined to catapult you to morphologic perfection, but as part of a well rounded diet.  There simply is no singular methods to losing weight and keeping it off.  Consider developing a healthy rounded lifestyle.  Any solution that seems to good to be true, actually is.

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  • You have heard me say it, but just in case you missed it, there is no such thing as a “slimming food”.

  • Of coarse not, you have to get off of your @ss and move around. Walk, Run, Shoot Hoops, move yourself around.

  • Exactly! It’s about being in motion. Although the other part of the continuum understands that you also can’t run/exercise your way out of a bad diet. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR COMMENT BTW!!

  • A bad diet could put you on medication, I know that used to be me. I had two prostate biopsy`s in 5 1/2 years all because I was eating processed food rather than fruits and veggies and lean meat.

  • Wow!! I only wish that raw and unprocessed foods were not so expensive. It is so inaccessible to the masses.

  • What is more expensive is the side effects from the prescription meds you are on, then they issue you more meds for those side effects. Raw food sounds cheaper by the minute now.

  • Indeed. I think it then requires folks to look farther ahead to see the long range effects of a whole foods diet.

  • What about suger. I wonder about the hormonal effects of this sneaky substance. It is hidden in everything and also causes body to store fat prematurely.