“Identity foreclosure is the result of prematurely and exclusively seeing yourself as an athlete.”

Today I fly solo on the Svelte Yeti Health and Fitness Podcast.  As a follow-up to the article I posted last week titled, “Toughest Decision Ever – Pulling Out of the BMO Vancouver Marathon,” I talk today about identity and the dangers of having a myopic view of the self as an athlete.

As I have written many times over, runners are an obsessive bunch.  Having a major setback, such as illness, especially when it leads to pulling out of a major event, cause one to pause.

I am viewing my own setback as an opportunity to find alternative ways to contribute the running community (such as volunteering), and also taking this time to self-reflect.  Have I allowed other important activities to fall away, activities that bring me great joy?  Is running working its way too far into my marriage, distracting my partner and I from more couples oriented conversation?  Sure, it is important to celebrate running accomplishments with your spouse, but is running taking over?  These are important questions I ask myself in today’s episode.

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  • Runners are an obsessed lot. However sustainability as a runner depends on seeing yourself in a much broader fashion.