“Moksha Yoga: It is not what you think it is!”

Moksha Yoga Flame

Sitting Together

Today I sit down with Eric Mathias from Moksha Yoga Burnaby, surround in warm light, sitting on a zafuton, engaged in conversation about the nuances of yoga practice.  Compared to previous interview experiences, this was by far the most comfortable setting to date.

The Discussion

Eric and I discuss various aspects of yoga practice, and talk about Eric’s personal journey that led him and his wife to opening the Burnaby studio.  We also wade through ideas on how yoga can help relieve “negative mind” and be useful as one of many tools in dealing with personal trauma.

The Studio

Moksha Yoga Burnaby is found in the heart of Burnaby Heights in beautiful British Columbia, just fifteen minutes from the North Shore Mountains.  “Moke-sha,” meaning “freedom” or “liberation,” is a form of hot yoga based in the Hatha tradition.  What makes the Moksha studios unique is their commitment to building a sense of community, backed by a “green” philosophy practiced throughout the studio.  You won’t find bottled water here!  Instead, the studio offers jars for you to drink water after your session.  Oh, and yah!  There is also tea!

The one feature that comes to mind when I think about the Moksha Yoga Burnaby experience, is the scent of eucalyptus!  It’s always there, and stays with me long after I leave.

Check Them Out

Moksha Yoga Studio in Burnaby Heights has many class offerings, including: Moksha, Moksha Fit, Yin, and Moksha Flow.  There is also a Zazen meditation class that runs once a week.  Wanting to check it out and feeling a bit short on cash?  No problem!  The studio offers a reduced Karma Class that is by donation.  All proceeds go to local non-profit organizations.  I should also mention that they have an Ambassador Program.

I hope you enjoy today’s discussion ons Svelte Yeti Health and Fitness, and I look forward to your questions and comments.

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  • Eric was an amazing guest. Thank you for all the amazing feedback! Iook forward to future guests as articulate and insightful as Eric. Moksha Burnaby is a great place to call home.