“Living an authentic life means practicing both transparency with others, and yourself.”

I am honored to share with you an engaging conversation between myself and Tim Van Orden.  Tim joined us from his home in Vermont today, and shared his experience as a plant-based athlete and lifestyle transformation coach.

Tim got into running when he was thirty-eight years old, and quickly rose through the ranks as a raw food athlete.  He has won ten (10) US championships in running, and has been awarded US Runner of the Year four (4) times in the Masters category.

Tim approaches his commitment to living a plant-based diet, and his awards in running, with humility.  Even more, Tim emphasizes that the lifestyle and medals are not the source of happiness.  Instead, a deeper inspection of the self, the ego, and our lifestyle is required to engage in a transformative experience.

Please join me today as Tim and I explore various aspects of living in transformation, and the elements that promote meaningful intra-personal growth.

Products and Amazing People Mentioned Today

  1. “A Compassionate Approach,” by Tim Van Orden
  2. “Anxious,” by Joseph Ledoux
  3. Body Positive Approach
  4. Ginger Runner
  5. Scott Jurek, “Eat and Run”

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