“Sometimes learning to let go of ego is the actual challenge, not the decisions itself.”

A Selfie on a Snow Day
“Snow Selfie”

Beautiful Day!

OMG!  What a beautiful day today!  We were set to have a mild dusting of snow last night.  However, when I woke up this morning, we were surrounded by another 10cm.  It is now 5pm, and the snow still has not stopped!

The Big Elf Run

I was scheduled to run the second annual Big Elf Run, 2016, today.  Snow in all actuality is not a big deal to run in if you are careful.  I mean, forget a personal best, but there is little reason to stay indoors.

I got my cloths ready and decided to see if my little Fiat 500 was snow prepped.  Much to my disappointment, it was clear that I was not going to get my little red wonder out of the driveway.  No problem!  I proceeded to call a cab, not the best options, but at least I was sure to make the event.  Well, I could not have more wrong about that!  I was shocked when the driver told me that they were not able to get into my neighbourhood.  “Really?”

To make a long story short, after checking the various bus routs, I finally opted out of the race today.  This is the first race I have not attended due to weather.  I quickly commenced to torturing myself for the next little while. It is rather comical what we come up with, eh?  “Man up Jerod!  Jurek would find a way! What’s your problem?”


Once my hubby was up and moving, I spoke a solid share of self-deprecating tunes before he told me to knock it off.  He was right.  There was  no sense in beating myself up over something where I had little choice.  Sure, I could grab the three or so busses after a considerable snow trek, but it was time to accept my decision.

Once I snapped out of my little episode, Johnny and I decided it was time to get outside and enjoy our day.  Vancouver does not get a lot of snow in general.  In fact, the last significant snowfall was in 2008.  Sitting around “shoulding” all over myself could easily ruin a perfect day – but not this day – we committed to getting our asses outdoors!

Adventure In Pictures

I hope you enjoy the small collection of pictures from our adventures today.  Sometimes you simply need to tell your brain, “Okay, thank you for the input, but just shut the %#@$ up for now, okay?”

Swing in the Snow
Snow Swing


Walking on Haistings in Vancouver BC
Snow Covered Vancouver Streets


Pug Party in the Snow
Pugs and Snow


High Contrast Street Snow Shot
Snow Covered Street


Umbrella in the Snow
Hubby In The Snow


Snow and Pugs
Pug Snow Dance


Vegan Skillet Hash
Vegan Skillet at Jackalopes


Fire Hydrant on Snow Day
Lonely Fire Hydrant


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