“You become what you think – choose your head space with wisdom.”

Today is the first of a two-part series on understanding Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) in the context of athletics.  CBT is one of many tools that can be utilized while traveling your transformational journey.

As a follow-up to Episode 11 and Episode 12 of the Svelte Yeti Health and Fitness Podcast, we dig deeper into the CHANGES Model by examining our thoughts, also commonly referred to as, “Cognitions.”  If you have not yet listened to Episodes 11 and 12, I suggest checking them out first.  Nevertheless, the episode today stands on its own.

Part I focuses on the backbone of CBT, understanding cognitive distortions.  Having a firm understanding of the maladaptive thinking styles that we all tend to utilize, will prepare you for putting CBT to work in Part II (available next week).  You may be surprise by how clearly you identify with may of the distortions discussed today.  But, don’t feel bad!  We all fall on “stinken thinken” at one time or another!

If you are able to follow along with your computer or iPad, please take the opportunity to download, “The Burns Triple Column Technique” The first page is the actual map we will be using in the follow-up to today’s episode in Part II.  For today, have a look at the second page, where you will find a comprehensive list of all ten distortions and their respective examples.

Notable People, Companies, and Products Discussed Today

  1. Dr. David Burns
  2. Feeling Good Handbook
  3. Aaron T. Beck

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  • Dr. David Burns is one of my heroes. I had the opportunity to see him at a two day training several years ago. Amazing presenter!