“Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the team at Svelte Yeti Health and Fitness!”

Cheers From The Svelte Yeti Team

From Johnny, Liz and I, “Happy Holidays!”  We want to express our appreciation for all the support we have received from you, our readers.  A big thank you also to subscribers of the Svelte Yeti Podcast.  Your engagement has shaped the content and vision of all that we do.  We are overwhelmed with gratitude.

We have lots of great content planned for the coming year, including in-depth interviews, and a new periodic short-form show format.  Based on your feedback, we will be writing focused content on addiction in the athletics community, with a shift towards discussions on the Body Positive movement, popularized by the Food Psych Podcast.

Grouse Mountain Pictures

Yesterday we met with family and friends at one of our favorite local destinations, Grouse Mountain.  If you are every in the Vancouver area, Grouse Mountain is a great destination for hiking, skiing, and bear watching (there are two that live on the mountain year round).

Following is a collection of photos from our cozy Christmas day.  I hope you enjoy!

As another new year approaches, we wish you all the best, and look forward to creating more encouraging content as you design your transformative journey of lifestyle change.

Peace, from Johnny, Liz, and Jerod!  Peace and light to you all!

Gondola Grouse Mountain


Fire Place
Keeping Warm


Chalet on Grouse Mountain
Grouse Mountain Chalet



Grouse Mountain Christmas Skyline - Happy Holidays
Christmas Gate


Walking Amongst the Lights
Lights Walk


Pensive Boy
Day In The Mountains


Hanging Out on Grouse Mountain


Grand Daughters Laugh
Grand Daughters


Grouse Mountain Christmas 2017
Mum and Son
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