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A True Renaissance Man

Today on the Svelte Yeti Health and Fitness Podcast, I sit down with Michael Weinberger.  Michael is a dynamic public speaker, wellness advocate, and a prolific writer for the Huffington Post, covering topics ranging from family life and mental illness, to lessons learned from his abusive father.  Michael is also the creator of the mobile wellness application and mindfulness manager, “A Plan For Living.”

The Michael Weinberger Interview

In our interview today, Michael shares his personal story of struggle, determination, and survival, now facilitator and catalyst for change.  His story is immensely engaging, and I could not help but feel a mixture of being both overwhelmed and proud as I listened; Michael understands that he himself is responsible for the outcomes in his life.

Few have the ability to turn struggle into success, and Michael has done just that.  With a combination of hard work, insight, and a cosmic innate ability to persevere, Michael launched the process oriented app, A Plan For Living.  

The App

The majority of wellness mobile applications are content driven, meaning that the consumer engages with information provided by the content creator.  Process oriented applications provide a structured framework for the consumer to engage with material that they input themselves, rather than content fed directly to them.

In A Plan For Living, the first task of the day is to rate your happiness.  You then establish a series of short-term goals for the day.  The app gives you gentle reminders about your progress, and can even be set to remind you to breathe and specific times.  Finally, you also have the ability to record medications and create a food plan.

A Plan For Living is a true holistic bio-psycho-social approach to improving your wellness.  Whether you struggle with depression, or find that you need a structured platform to start a new trajectory, the app will work for you.

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