“Change is built on a rebuke of the status quo.”


Today, on the Svelte Yeti Podcast, we review my most resent article, “The Yeti Path to Weight Loss,” and outlined the first of a two-part series on the CHANGES Model.

The CHANGES Model is a biopsychosocial approach to transformation, created by Dr. David Christian from Utah State University.  Dr. Christian was my major profession in my graduate program at the University of Idaho.  The CHANGES Model has been validated in outcomes research for the treatment of obesity, academic problems, and chronic stress.  It can be applied to both clinical problems and health maintenance.

The model is as follows:

C=  Cognitions (thoughts, beliefs, assumptions, interpretations)

H=  Health (physical fitness level, medical conditions)

A=  Actions (behaviours, observable activities)

N=  eNvironment (physical surroundings, situation, stimuli)

G=  Goals (objectives, values, plans, aims)

E=  Emotions (feelings and emotional reactions)

SSocial Environment (relationships with others; friends, family, etc.)

In our episode today, we reviewed in detail each element of the CHANGES Model, and provided examples within each for weight loss/maintenance.  We also discussed who the model is best suited for, and pointing out that readiness and insight (awareness) are key in order to engage in meaningful change.  In Part II, we will map each element in detail and provide a roadmap to our desired outcome.

Please leave you feedback for the podcast session today.  I will be sure to incorporate any questions and comments in the follow-up episode.

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  • Great post. I probably wont get to hear pod cast do you link it to your blog afterwards?

    Well to ask the question.. how to apply the model?, how to recognise the impact of the different elements like environement , relationships etc? Because one has to have the awareness to reconise and then the courage to chang ! So how does one use this model.. i am sure i can guess the impacts. I am obese or anything ..but this change model could apply to any part of life..

  • Thank you for your reply. Yes indeed, you can listen to the podcast directly from the webpage link. It is the easiest way. You can also catch it on iTunes and Google Play. I made many methods available to accommodate peoples needs!
    Have a listen and tell me what you think. Cheers! 🙂