“Life just passed you by – Chase after it”

Spanish Banks

Long Run Mental Flush

Long slow distance (LSD) run days, especially when I fail to bring headphones for the journey, are days to let my mind drift.  It is an opportunity to reflect about my week and the big picture issues affecting my life.

Today I thought about the negatives of technology and modern day society, and how it promotes isolation.  Has technology really helped to become MORE connected?  Many would say, “yes.

As a proud Gen-X guy in is mid 40’s, I have seen tech advance from the Commodore 64 (my first ever personal computer), to what we have today.  It is my firm belief that we are more alone than we have ever been, even with a billion more folks walking the earth and tech to connect us to every interest under the moon.

Technology, if used without due caution, is taking more away than it gives.  If left unchecked, people become hopelessly disengaged from their physical surroundings and the people around them.

Defining Disengagement – Prepare For Rambling!

Life passes us by in a blink.  A disengaged life is tragic.  A disengaged life is unrealized power, someone failing to understand the effect each of us has on others.

I am shocked to think that most see life as something happening to them.  People come, and people go.  We experience youth, adolescence, adulthood and beyond.  We either get the job or we do not.  People sit in a constant state of watching and waiting for the next wave of events.

This is a hopeless state of being.  However, what if we believed that we actually have the power to shift perspective? Disengagement is despair that that can be left behind!  What if we understood that life was not happening to us.  How about we believed, “we are happening to life.

We Are Responsible For The Outcome

I have let go of any serious notion of an afterlife.  If I am wrong, I will be pleasantly surprised on the other side.  I have come to believe that we are truly eternal beings, not because our soul goes on, but because our living spirit is passed to future generations by our actions today.

The energy we foster in ourselves through thoughts and emotional experiences, and how that energy creates trajectories outside of ourselves towards others, is our eternal existence – our responsibility.  It is a kind of spiritual butterfly effect.  Every kind word you speak has effect.  That energy is eternally passed from person-to-person.  In fact, if this is true, then the urge to be remembered is senseless; our actions and words shift the energy of others in a ripple effect.  That is truly eternal.

We Are One And The Same

There is no more amazing life than the one deeply engaged in love and caring.  We do not have to get along or agree.  However, once we see that we are no different or better than the person sitting across the room, once we understand that our emotional and spiritual needs are one and the same, we can relax in their presence, regardless of ideas.

“Engage – Breathe – Be peace”


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  • So i believe we are immortal souls and spiritual and i believe in rebirth as humans and believe in karma and believe all are connected. Of course not everyone believes and i get why .. like not everyone believes a divine.. i get that too.

    Anyway, i like this post of your and i agree too many people are not engaged in life. You are right we should engage with out hearts and leave judgment behind. However, nit sure what has happened in the world… even your neighbours only know you when they want something otherwise everyone is selfish and inconsiderate.

    I feel our whole belief system or lack of belief govern how kind or selfish we are. If we dont believe in karma or we belueve in one birth only ..then it means i can be reckless in this birth because there are no consequences and thus we keep falling down in the basucs of kindness, compassion, care, selflessness…

    Great post ..sorry for long comment which may have side tracked a bit

  • Thank you for your wonderful post! There is this cultural trend for each of us to be completely self-absorbed. That is a complete lack of engagement with a bigger purpose. Interesting thoughts.