“The most important thing you manage is your own energy.”

Today on the Svelte Yeti Podcast, we celebrate October, and especially October 31st, the most amazing holiday of the year.  Not only is this the season of yellow ocher skylines and evenings on the porch with a warm cup of tea in your hand, it is also the symbol of change.  In my opinion, the last day of Autumn is October 31st.  Between November 1st and the Winter Solstice, we challenge ourselves and focus our strength, knuckling down before the Christmas holiday knocks at our door.  It is a time of year that requires intent and affirmation of the commitments we made to ourselves over the summer.

winter-running-gearWe also talk about gear, and the importance of running gear that goes way beyond its required function.  New gear is both a reward for work well done, and motivation to get us up and out the door as the days become shorter.  After completing a successful personal best at the Rock ‘N’ Roll Oasis Vancouver Half Marathon a couple weeks ago, I decided to buy new winter running pants and a water replant jacket from MEC.  Score!

Finally, our episode today promotes the use of the “run commute” as an amazing method to build weekly distance as part of your marathon train plan.  After being interviewed by Canada Running Magazine for the online series, “Stories From the Run Commute,” by Sinead Mulhern, we reflect on what you gain by putting a run commute into your regular training schedule.

Oh, and, don’t forget to avoid those emotional vampires in your life!  You are in control of your own energy and how you choose to spend it.

Nifty People and Products Mentioned Today

  1. New Balance Pants
  2. Mountain Equipment Company (MEC)
  3. Canadian Running Magazine
  4. BMO Vancouver Marathon
  5. CNN Election News

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