RAINSIDE 10K – Soaked, but what a blast!”


Fall Race Bliss

This Fall I am running four local events, two 10k races, and two half-marathons.  Fall races are the best!  I live for Fall running, and am eager to spend time training during the upcoming crisp-dry early  mornings.  There is absolutely nothing better!

This past Saturday, I completed the first event, the Eastside 10k, put on by the Canada Running Series.

I ran the Eastside 10k last year as well, and both were nothing short of amazing.  The trademark of the race is the rain.  This year, just like the last, the day was warm and soaking wet, so wet that not even your best GORE-TEX could keep you dry.  However, I am not one to complain since this is, in actuality, Vancouver BC.  Most of us were drenched well before the start, with the exception of some ridiculous looking folks draped with garbage bags in a haphazard attempt to avoid the elements.

The Course

The event coordinators assert that the Eastside 10k is a flat course that provides an opportunity to perform a personal best.  I agree, sorta… In actuality, the course has some long slow slopes to tackle, sure to humble the keener that starts off too fast.

My Performance

I was very happy with my performance this year.  Since completing the BMO Vancouver Marathon this past May, I have noticed a considerable improvement in my running times.  I am proud to say that for my second Eastside 10k, I shaved more than five minutes off my time.  I was also able to keep a 5:30k/min pace throughout, a dramatic improvement from last year.

I am a believer in all of the Canada Running Series events.  The races are well-organized and encourage that positive vibe runners live for.  I look forward to building on my improved time in 2017!



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