“Slow progress equals sustainable action and results.”

If you want to start running, you need a plan.  Running is the most amazing sport.  There is no better feeling than knowing you set a challenging fitness goal, and conquering it!.  However, runners also suffer the highest reported injuries compared to any other athletic activity.  If you want to be a runner, it is critical that your body, and your mind, has time to adapt through a thoughtful, mindful, approach to being a beginner.

Today, we discuss the SMART method to setting goals.  The SMART method can be used for absolutely any goal you are interested in (weight loss, transitioning to a vegan lifestyle, etc.).  Today we are applying it to running that first 5k you have been dreaming of.

SMART stands for: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Tangible.  Our goals must be clear, have defined outcomes, be something we can accomplish, are grounded in reality, and have outcomes we can literally sense!

As referenced in today’s podcast episode, the following measurable plan is discussed:

  • w1 – run 3x, @ 1k each with rest days in-between — M, W, F
  • w2 – run 3x @ 1.5k each with rest day in-between – M, W, F
  • w3 – run 3x @ 2k each with rest days in-between — M, W, F
  • w4 – run 4x @ 2k each with rest days in-between — M, W, F, Sn
  • w5 – run 4x @ 3k each with no more than two day sin a row — T, W, F, Sat.
  • w6 – run 4x @ 4k each with no more than two day sin a row — T, W, F, Sat.
  • w7  – run 3x @ 5k each with rest days in-between — M, W, F
  • w8 – Celebrate

Anybody can become a runner!  If you chart a mindful path using the SMART method, you are likely to stick to running as part of your radical lifestyle transformation.  The key to change is sustainability.  SMART provides a path we can stick with.  I hope you enjoy the fifth installment of the Svelte Yeti Podcast.

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  • I think that if you are strategic about your approach, there is nothing stopping you from incorporating running as part of healthy lifestyle.