“Please don’t trip looking for your next cosmic critter!”


Pokémon Go is seriously viral!  That game took the world by storm a couple of months back, and honestly, it was difficult at first to see what the hype was all about.  The day the app was released in Canada, everyone was instantly captivated.  The screen gazing zombie infection was nothing short of bewilderingly comical.

I Downloaded The Game

Now, I have to admit, the idea of the game was quite intriguing at first.  However, as a 44-year-old guy, there was no chance of me actually downloading the game…until…one day…I did.  So, before you have a giggle with condescension, understand that by downloading the game, I was simply doing “research” for some future article, just like this one! (Um…right…)

I have never actually played the game, even though it is on my iPhone.  I started it up and created my personalized avatar, but just couldn’t force myself to walk around with the game running while out and about in fear of serious 40+ year old judgement.  At my age, it seems quite silly eating up data in search of critters that make no sense to me anyway.

Running With Pokémon Go

Then came the shocker.  I had forgotten about the game for a couple of weeks, and even deleted the game from my phone a time or two, thinking I would never use it (and I still haven’t).  But then, in search of a novel place to get in a run, I went down to Spanish Banks to run through Kits and onto the Seawall.  The beach side path is amazing!

I started my run, as with all my runs, fairly early in the morning, a great time to avoid the crowds and a great strategy to free up the remainder of my day.  As I got on my way, only a few meters from where I started, I tripped over a guy who suddenly moved right into my path.  Confused, I looked directly at him, trying to figure out what in the world he was doing to put himself in so much danger!

And there it was, that familiar background jingle game sound.  The kid was playing Pokémon Go.  He barely noticed me.  And then, all of a sudden, in some kind of hyperactive jolt, he took off past me like a bolt of lighting.  I did a double-take, and indeed I was correct; he was a runner getting in some early morning klicks.

I got in 15k that morning.  I counted at least four other runners attempting to catch their quota of Pokémon.  Isn’t that dangerous? umm…YES!

Pokémon Go In The Running Community

Apparently this is a thing.  I was surprised by the following published quote in an article from Runner’s World Magazine back in July:

“Some runners are getting into the act, using the game as another good excuse to get out of the house and go for a run—or vise versa.”

Even the Runner’s World game tester Brian Dalek admits that he had trouble at first focusing on his run with the temptation to constantly look at his screen.  He goes on to state that he was able to get past the need to look at his screen all the time.  But come on guys!  Where will we draw the line?  I can only imagine that if runners everywhere used Pokémon Go as a tool to get them out the door, there would be countless collisions and death!  This can’t be safe!

Will I Get On Board?

I still have the app on my phone, for what reason I cannot figure out.  It sits idle.  Even if I decide to give the game a whirl, you will never find me out running locked in a hypnotic trance with my phone, for any reason, let alone game play.  I run to get away from the screen, not spend more time with it.

Did I just See That Runner Playing Pokémon Go? was last modified: September 21st, 2017 by Jerod Killick