“The results even shocked me!  I had no idea!”

This past month, starting on July 18th and running through August 16th, I put myself through an unforgettable and radical challenge, a grocery bill savings challenge, to be exact!

After noticing that I was spending more than $1100.00 per month on groceries, equaling more than 33% of my total expenditures, it was clear that I needed to make a change.  My obsession with shopping at Whole Foods was taking me down!  The solution?  Cook at home and shop locally.

The one and only rule was that I could only shop at Whole Foods once a week (at most) and only for items that I could not pick-up anywhere else (the famous Whole Foods vegan chocolate cake, vegan gravy, etc.).  From there, I had to simply be creative about where I picked up items to support my vegan lifestyle.

Somewhere along the way on my vegan journey, I made the assumption that “real” vegans shop at Whole Foods.  I mean, seriously, the CEO of Whole Foods is a life long vegan.  What other reason do I really need?  The problem is that my identity as a vegan quickly became wrapped up in where I shopped.  After asking fellow vegan friends about their shopping habits, there were clearly two camps of shoppers; those that shopped exactly as I had been, and those that didn’t.

The month went by very quickly!  At no point did I feel deprived.  I only went to Whole Foods on three different occasions, and held to my commitment of picking up items I could only find there.

Grocery Bill ChallengeI noticed that my shopping habits shifted significantly.  First I started cooking A LOT!  I also turned to local markets and shops to get what I needed for home cooked meals.  This was a beautiful side effect actually.  By avoiding Whole Foods, I started supporting local private business again, a habit I truly missed.  In fact, in the end, this became the key.  By shopping locally, I was able to support local business and also find 95% of everything I needed.  Most of the vegan products I was accustomed to buying at Whole Foods were available right in my hood.  Who would have known?

Grocery Bill Numbers:

  • My spending went from $1184.00 in the month of June, to $530.00 between July 18th and August 16th, thus keeping $654.00 in my picket.
  • If I go back to spending $1184.00 per month, that comes to $14,215.00 per year.
  • If I keep up my new-found cost saving mission, I will spend only $6365.00 per year, saving almost 8k.

Where I shopped:

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  • Great job Jerod! I am a little grateful I don’t have a WF near me. 🙂

  • I love WF. But I do have to say that I love the Boise and Moscow Coops much better. WF has become way to big to feel “local”.