What?  A Svelte Yeti Podcast?  Really?

So sorry to the readers of Svelte Yeti!  I have not posted much content during the past week.  On our Facebook Fanpage, someone asked, “Are you sick or something?”  The short answer is “NO!”.  The long answer is this:

We will be publishing our first episode of the Svelte Yeti Podcast sometime in the next week.  Why a podcast?  Simply put, I love the personal nature of the podcast format.  Over ten years ago now, when I was professor at the College of Southern Idaho, I published many of my lectures as podcasts via iTunes for my students.  It was amazingly popular!  In fact, the podcast was mentioned in the local newspaper.  That podcast is long gone now, however, the inspiration remains.  Podcasting is a great way to communicate content, adding a more refined personal connection to listeners.

In the coming weeks as we get up and moving, you can look forward to regular commentary about running, vegan living, and aural snapshots from the Killick household.  I will also be conducing interviews with a plant-based athletics focus.

Is there specific content you are personally interested in that the Svelte Yeti Team should go after?  let us know!

As a final note, thank you everyone for supporting our site.  We would not exist without our dedicated readers, and soon to be “listeners.”


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