“Giveaway Contest:  Want to Win Something Cool?  Subscribe!”

Update! Promotion Currently Closed

Information about future contest prizes, ways to subscribe to the Svelte Yeti Newsletter, and official contest rules, can be found on Svelte Yeti giveaway page for future promotions.  The page is unavailable between contest events.  Please check back soon!

On October 1st, 2016, we will randomly choose a winner from our subscriber list.  What will you win?  Well, that is a surprise!

At Svelte Yeti Health and Fitness, we are bouncing off the ceiling with excitement about our very first promotion.  We recognize that we would not exist without you, our loyal listeners and readers.  This Svelte Yeti promotion is our way of showing appreciation to you.

The first official Svelte Yeti Giveaway Contest has begun!  Are you subscribed to the Svelte Yeti Newsletter?   If so, you are already eligible to be a winner!

Giveaway Contest

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