I’m blown away at how much I spend on groceries!”

Whole Foods and Fart Food

Defining The Problem

Let me start by saying, that I love Whole Foods!  Just in case you did not get that, “I LOVE LOVE LOVE WHOLE FOODS MARKET!”

However, I have noticed since making the vegan commitment one year ago, that my grocery bills have been crazy high!  After doing the math, thanks to RBC and the tracking feature on my account, it turns out that I am spending way more than I ever imagined.

On average, I spend $1100.00 dollars per month on groceries.  Between June 1st, and June 30th, I spent a total of $1,184.60 dollars.  33% of my outgoing expenses is spent on groceries.  In June, 82,3% of my groceries were bought at Whole Foods.  To be clear, that is, $974.96 dollars at Whole Foods, and $209.64 dollars spent at other grocers.  This does not take into account what my husband spends on groceries as well.

My husband and I make good money.  However, not only is more that a grand a month not sustainable over the long hall, I would also like to spend that money on other things.  Maybe a cool vacation?

The Challenge

For the next 30 days, between July 18th and August 16th, I will avoid Whole Foods.  I am only allowing myself one shop per week for items that I just can’t live without (the vegan cake man!  THE VEGAN CAKE!)  I want to see what my grocery bill will look like after a full month of doing 95% of my shopping at lower end grocers.  I also want to challenge myself to find organic items that I have grown to love.

Being vegan has nothing to do with where you do your grocery shopping.  I have bought into the delusion that to be vegan, you have to shop at a high-end grocer.  Logic says otherwise.

Check out the YouTube video I just published on the topic.

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  • Good luck with your challenge. I am sure you can learn the recipe and cook the vegan cake you like, it will taste better because you made it. There are loads of shops that you can buy your groceries – spread the love to the local shop. Regards Bella

  • You are so right about supporting local shops. I lost sight of that over the years. Yesterday I stopped into one of our Italian markets and got some amazing bread and pasta. Local family owned. I had missed that!

  • In the end, as you will see in a follow up video, I saved hundreds of dollars a month. HUNDREDS!