“I hate sticky hands, regardless of the cause!”

Has this ever happened to you?

Last May at the BMO Vancouver Marathon Expo, I bought my usual rack of PowerGels. I love the tangerine with 2x caffeine; it packs a punch!  During training season I easily consume 2-4 on long run days. They are my go-to boost along the way.  After attempting both Kettle Chips and Dates on LSD runs, gels remain the best nutrition option.

About two weeks ago I reached into the container where I store my gels in bulk, latched onto a handful, and froze with startled bewilderment. What was that irritating sensation between my fingers?

Searching For The Culprit

I went to the sink and washed the gels, squeezing each, looking for a leak.  Cat hair clung to the remaining goo between my fingers.  Arrrrgg!

Attempting a scientific approach, I decided to taste the gel on one of the packs…kinda weird, I know. It tasted like vanilla. The culprit was found…or was it?  I don’t think I have any vanilla flavored gels…oh wait!

Since, every time I go back for a gel, I find a healthy portion of the elusive sticky surprise. I have washed all the packs in the sink that I have in storage, hoping I just missed some mess from the last go around. I am now convinced that my gels are haunted.

Maybe it’s ghost ectoplasm from the PowerGel 4th dimension?

Sticky PowerGel Surprise! was last modified: September 21st, 2017 by Jerod Killick