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Let The Madness Begin!

Yup!  Time to start training for my next big event!  It’s been two months since the BMO Vancouver Marathon, 2016.  I recovered quickly and in no time signed up for a series of racing events over the next year.  The time off has been nice.  I cut down on klicks by about half and did a significant volume of cross training including stand up paddle boarding, biking, climbing, and hiking.  However, there is no doubt that I have missed the structure only provided by a well planned out training program.

My Training Program

I am running the Rock ‘n’ Roll Oasis Half Marathon in Vancouver, on October 23rd, a week after Thanks Giving.  Tomorrow marks the beginning of a 16 week training program leading up to this exciting event.  In the past, I put together my own training  programs and have generally been satisfied with the results.  This year, for the more important race events, I decided to use the Full Potential training program, created by marathoner Keith Anderson of the UK.  It comes as part of the Garmin Connect online system.  Following is a snapshot of my first week of training.  It is quite easy, but hey, it’s only the first week! 🙂  (Don’t you love how it starts with a rest day!)

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Setting New Goals

I singed up for the Rock ‘n’ Roll half marathon due to the potential to complete a significant personal best.  The course is very flat, with the exception of only a couple of blips along the way.  The course starts downtown, heads east, and then cuts quickly to the Sea Wall, loops through Stanley Park, and finishes just before Georgia St.  I am shooting for 02:10.  My personal best is 02:19:34.  I know I can beat that!

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The end goal is the BMO Vancouver Marathon, 2017.  I have a series of races, including the Rock ‘n’ Roll half that I am participating in.  As I have said in previous articles, the best motivation is a race.  It is challenging without a big picture goal.  It is even more challenging without little goals to attain while on the journey.  Following is my list of upcoming events leading up the BMO Vancouver Marathon, 2017.

Upcoming Events

Below, you will see two 10k races, then the Rock ‘n’ Roll Oasis Vancouver Half, followed by the Fall Classic.  It may seem crazy running two half marathons only three weeks apart. It is!  But, not every race needs to be treated like a “race”.  For the Fall Classic, I am remaining fun focused and looking forward to the camaraderie on the course.

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Wish me luck!  I am very excited for 16 weeks of structure and personal challenge!

What races are you running this year?

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