“Find peace in Newcastle Island.  If you hate the outdoors, just go glamping!”

Gay Guy “Glamping?”

Okay, I am not actually “glamping,” in the posh “$2000.00” a night sense.  But I am bring along every creature comfort you can imagine.  I am lugging around an air mattress with air pillow, extra blankets, and even some gourmet bits to eat.  No suffering here!

It is raining quite a bit in Vancouver today. However, I am not letting that get me down. I have some amazing vegan dehydration packs that I can’t wait to consume. I am planning on doing a trail run around the island tomorrow, and nothing sounds better than time hanging out in front of a campfire.

Stay Tuned For Updates!

I will send updates in a follow-up post as things develop. Stay tuned!

Midnight Blue on Newcastle Island
Midnight on Newcastle
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