“Beautiful night under the starts, and adventures with owls!”Jerod After Trail Run on Newcastle Island

Update From The Newcastle Island Camping Trip

Following are my thoughts since my last entry while camping on Newcastle Island in Vancouver, BC.  Be sure to also check out the photos from this trip below!

“The day has been perfect!! I got a nice trail run in just a bit ago that took me around the island.  I am relaxing with a nice runners high while eating dinner in front of my cozy fire.

The beaches on Newcastle Island are amazing. The campsites are frequently visited by dear grazing on summer nibs. I could not be having a more amazing time!

Just a quick note, I found some amazing dehydrated vegan pouches at MEC. Deish, not to mention that they are from where I went to University in Moscow Idaho. Made my day!”

A Must Do Camping Destination

Newcastle Island is a must-do camping destination, whether you decide to go by yourself, or with others.  In my experience, few folks camp there due to the extra small boat trip you must take to get to the island from Nanaimo.  I have made this trip with my partner now several years in a row, and have an amazing experience each time.

Campfire on Newcastle Island


Newcastle Owl
Spooky Owl


Newcastle Inuksuk


Boat Trip to Newcastle
Boat Cabin


Morning Sunshine on Newcastle
Morning Sun


Newcastle Tent
Tent Glow


Jetboil Pot on Newcastle
Jetboil Pot


Evening Sunshine on Newcastle Island
After the Storm


Midnight Blue on Newcastle Island
Midnight on Newcastle


Beaches on Newcastle Island
Rock and Sand
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