“Transgender Rights – It’s About Time!”

The BC Government

Next week, the BC Government will hold a special session, just two weeks before the Vancouver Pride parade, to add gender identity or expression to the human rights code.

In rejecting a request to change the code last summer, Ms. Anton said: “The law is crystal clear – transgendered people are protected – and I urge all British Columbians to recognize and accept the diversity of all people and to treat them with the respect they deserve.”

In another nod, the IOC in January of this year ruled that transgender athletes can take part in the olympics “without surgery”.  The IOC is inept in many ways, evidenced in how they handled the Russian doping scandal.  However, we have to give them credit for moving forward on LGBT2Q issues, even though it took them way to long to do so.

Svelte Yeti wants to express full respect to the transgender community.  We have seen many transgender athletes in our history, a fact that many want to skip over.  As a supporter of LGBT2Q rights, we are acknowledging the amazing contribution of the community to sport and society.

Leading The Fight

Check out the following list of articles by the Huffington Post on how transgender athletes are leading the fight for human rights in sports:

Huffington Post and Transgender Athletes


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