“Raw vegan food at its best”

Today we were in the mood for some raw vegan “delish” and came up with the idea to check out one of our favourite hangouts,  “Eternal Abundance,” likely the most amazing raw vegan restaurant in all of Vancouver.  Wow, yet another great experience!

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What We Love:

Eternal Abundance is a cafe and grocer with a cool selection of locally sourced produce items.  They also sell some nifty books on raw food eating, spirituality, etc.  When you eat/shop here, you are doing it both for the upbeat hip atmosphere, and the knowledge that you are reducing your carbon footprint.  I find that the summer months are the best time to hang out at Eternal Abundance as the tables outside are a cozy integration with the energy on Commercial Drive.  Simply put, the philosophy of Eternal Abundance is simplicity and bliss.  Check out the following clip from their website:

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What They Serve:

The menu is amazing!  I had the “Beet Burger” with a raw bun cut into two cute triangles.  Looks kinda cool, eh? (see pictures below).  Johnny had soup and vegan sushi.  Eating here, you will devour every element and consider ordering more.  But don’t let the “raw vegan” menu confuse you!  It’s not all sprouts and kale! The dishes are dense and very filling!

How to Get There and Hours: 

Want convenient to find and excellent hours?  Eternal Abundance abides!

Eternal Abundance is on Commercial Drive in Vancouver just a few blocks as you turn off of Hastings heading south.  You will find it between Parker and Napier.  Commercial Drive can be a busy place, so parking is typically a challenge.  There is a pay parking lot about two blocks down the street as you approach the restaurant.

The hours are accommodating for a cafe that serves lunch and dinner (yes, they serve dinner!!!).  They are open Monday through Saturday from 9am to 9pm.  On Sunday they close an hour early.  They even have regular statutory hours from 11am to 9pm.  That rocks!

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The Verdict:

If you are vegan, raw food vegan, or anyone else for that matter, I do not think that Eternal Abundance will disappoint.  There are several vegan restaurants in the greater Vancouver area, some more amazing that others.  Eternal Abundance ranks at the top!  Check it out and let us know what you think! 🙂


Produce at Eternal Abundance


Vegan Raw Food


Summer Eternal Abundance


Johnny and I at Eternal Abundance


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  • One of the best vegan food places in Vancouver. Going back soon. 🙂

  • Thank you for the up-vote Autumn! 🙂