“Amazing short trail to wet your appetite!”

Lynn Loop is one of my favourite trails in North Vancouver, and it is close to home, making access quick and easy.  Following is the results of my run this morning.  I stopped along the way and took lots of pictures, so it is no doubt not by best time.  But wow, what a beautiful course to run!

Getting There:

The Lynn Headwaters National Park is home to three great trails, Valley Trial, Lynn Loop, and Norvan Falls.  To get there, go north on Highway 1 and take the exit at “Lynn Valley Road”.  This is actually “Williams Road,” so as you proceed, look for Lynn Valley Road and take a right.  From here, it is a straight shot to the turnoff to Lynn Headwaters.  Go to the end of the winding bumpy road; there is plenty of parking along the way.  I find that if I get there early, there is never any space problems.

The Course:

The trails are very well-marked.  You will have no trouble at all finding your way.  But, if you feel the least bit unsure, just ask someone.  Locals hike Lynn Loop regularly and are more than willing to point you in the proper direction.

I like to run the trail counter-clockwise.  As you proceed right, you will soon start to follow several short switch backs up the mountain side.  Don’t fret though, you are only going to climb for the first 2k before leveling off.  Once you make it to the 2k mark, the trail runs north for another klick before you start to head downhill again.  If you are hiking, you will not experience any challenges at this point.

Running will require your attention as it is a bit steep and the rocks can be slick.  Once you get your mojo going, this is actually a fun part of the course, skipping from one prolapsed branch, to a rock, and then soft ground again.  At the bottom, the trail opens up onto a road taking you back south towards where you parked with Lynn Creek at your side.  Beautiful!  This is where I really open up my pace!  If you didn’t see a lot of people on the hillside, you will here.  It is a popular walking section of the trail.

Who is This Trail For?:

Lynn Loop is for any beginner trail runner, enthusiast or hiker.  It is an amazing trail run for staying fit with the benefit of amazing scenery along the way.  If you want a good workout, but don’t want crazy steep inclines similar to the Grouse Grind, Lynn Loop is an excellent trail to check out!

Trail Running Review: Lynn Loop was last modified: September 21st, 2017 by Jerod Killick