“Welcome to our new iteration.  We have exciting news!”

Thank You MBFGM

Thank you readers for the amazing support of the My Big Fat Gay Marathon project, that took me through the 2014-2015 marathon training season!  It was truly the most amazing health transformation of my life.  Your dedicated support as I struggled through my personal journey of change, meant everything to me, especially when things got tough.

The Pivot

I am now broadening the focus of our work, in an effort to promote lifelong learning and lifestyle change through athletics and holistic nutrition.  As of today, the new site is called, “Svelte Yeti Health and Fitness,” a heart-felt project designed to give back to all of you, our readers.

I will continue to record product reviews, discuss upcoming races, and provide advice for developing training plans.  We want to also offer concrete tools to help you during your own lifestyle transformation experience.  We are here for you as you progress through your journey.

Change is a lifelong practice.  It should avoid knee jerk quick solutions to complicated problems, such as weight gain.  Moreover, we challenge the notion that health singularly defined by waist size and weight.  Health is more than the number on a scale.  Instead, we promote a bio-psycho-social approach through proper assessment, tools, and support.

Feedback Welcome

We look forward to your commentary and feedback as Svelte Yeti Health and Fitness develops.

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