“The day you stop dreaming is only defined by death.”

I can’t stop dreaming about the amazing Summer days ahead.  Now that I am nearly recovered from running the BMO Vancouver Marathon last Sunday, I am starting to get quite anxious to get back out on the road. Following is a list of goals I will start checking off immediately:

  • Stand-Up Paddle Boarding! Rocky Point Park Kayak has bored rentals. I am going to check this out as soon as I can!
  • Do at least five climbs up the Grouse Grind.
  • Hold 40k on the road a week.
  • Focus on doing one trail run per week. I love the trails. Now, I just have to get over my fear of running into bears!
  • Sign up for a fun 5k, and don’t focus on a PB.
  • Do one bike ride a week.
  • Get back into the pool. I was a competitive swimmer for several years when I was young. Due to body image issues this feels like an overwhelming challenge, but a challenge I am up for!
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