“Polar Flow is slowly catching up to the industry standard.”

Looking Back And Catching Up

For all of you Polar Flow users out there, the Polar user website continues to be a serious work in progress.  It’s predecessor, Polar Personal Trainer (PPT) had robust content and was easy to use.  For whatever unknown reason, Polar decided to fix a user interface that was not broken.  Perplexing.

It has taken Polar a significant amount of time to catch up with the previous features and UI seen in PPT.  I am happy to say today, that the long-awaited and highly anticipated “Polar Flow Training Programs” interface is finally available!  But is it too little, too late?  You decide!

A Video Tutorial Walkthrough

Following is a video tutorial I created showing you how to set-up your first 42.2k race using the Polar Flow interface.  You can use Training Programs for any race distance, including the popular 5k, 10k, half, and full marathon distances.  Start by sketching out your training plan on paper, then attempt to implement on the Polar interface.  After entering a few important metrics, you are good to go.

I look forward to reading your feedback.  To be honest, I found the first attempt at setup a bit “fussy.”

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