“There is nothing like accomplishing a marathon.  However, my emotions are not so sure…yet”

A Job Well Done

I made it!  I completed my first 42.2 race distance, or should I say 26.2 for the metric challenged!  After ten days of recovery, I am struck by how difficult race recovery truly is.

Training Experience

Training was challenging. Every moment, for a crazy number of weeks, is consumed by concern, worry, obsession, celebration, and anxt.  You worry about everything from little twinges in your hip, to visualizing whether or not you will accomplish a race day finish. Then suddenly, race day passes. Now what?

It is the “now what” feeling that lingers. I hear about runners who sign-up for their next race the exact day after a marathon.  They describe overwhelming feelings of their accomplishment and can’t wait to do it again.  I did not experience this at all. If anything, it felt for me a bit like a letdown.

Moving Forward

I went for my first recovery run yesterday as an attempt to break the ice. It worked. I noticed decreased energy during my run, but that is to be expected. But do I feel that sudden surge of motivation?  Have I been on Run Guide looking for my next race? Not yet.

I am embracing this phase with love. I am worried about losing fitness and obsessing about weight. But I am doing my best to push that into the background, knowing it can be made back up.  It is about acceptance! Denial through a fake grin, or exaggerated chipper smile, only makes me feel worse in the end.

What About You?

I am curious about your experience after a major race.  Anecdotally, it appears that the post-race letdown is quite common.

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