“The darkness has no place here.”


Okay, I know!  That title is a bit on the dramatic side. Right? But hey, sometimes breaking through can feel that foreboding.  Please allow me to explain.

I get extra excited about my weekend runs. I look forward to them for days. There is something liberating knowing that I am not required to fit my run in on either side of my work day. There is no pressure!  I can take three hours on the road and go shopping after. That feels amazing.

Last Friday night, I went to bed dreaming about pounding the pavement earlier in the morning. When I awoke, I was morbidly disappointed looking through my kitchen window while sipping on coffee. The drizzle consumed and was quickly becoming a torrential downpour.

Bad Weather Reality

As a Canadian, I am very adapted to running in bad weather. But that does not mean it is easy.  One has to accept that they are often going to feel wet, chilled, and somewhat disgruntled, especially when training for a Spring and early Summer marathon.

This past Saturday I cannot remember ever feeling so irritated at the weather.  I knew I wanted to get out for my run, but it felt insurmountable. In reality, it was not insurmountable at all!  I only believed it was.

Motoring Ahead

I did eventually go for that run. But how did I do it?  I turned off my brain!  I remember before putting on my running shoes saying to myself, “Okay brain, thanks for your input. Now f*#@ off!”

There are both external and internal forces that challenge the dedicated runner. It is the internal forces that carry the most weight, and it is the internal forces that often keep us from our dreams. Sometimes you simply have to put the internal forces in their proper place, reminding the internal forces who is in charge and guiding this life.

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  • Mom

    Awesome Son, you are running, what a challenge, love Mom.

  • Son, you are running, that is wonderful, such a challenge, Happy Birthday this month, have not forgotton, love you Son.