Wow!  I just discovered the new and updated version of “beme” (Yes! it is spelled with all lower case guys!).  I have to say, “What a cool app!“.  I mean, could I use this for vlogging my endurance running trials and tribulations?  having a quick look around on Google, I see lots of great reactions to beme from users, with only one snarky exception from WIRED, stating, “Authenticity is boring!” I say, “Whatever!

I produce videos about running for YouTube.  In particular I just completed a series about my workup to the BMO Vancouver Marathon, 2016 through my project, “My Big Fat Gay Marathon.”  Needless to say, the ability to produce each video was dependent on my ability to capture a lot of footage from a variety of sources and then synthesize my work into a production.

So then, why do I care about beme?  What I love about the prospect of using beme, is the shear simplicity!  As a vlog junkie, I can see the benefit of recording on the spot just by putting my phone up to my chest (or blocking the sensor).  The authenticity of the beme capture process is priceless!

Of course, beme would not be my only form of capture in a future vlog production.  When putting together a project, you need many forms of footage to keep it interesting.  I actually think GoPro should learn from the beme model.  Not everyone wants to mess around with a play button and have to edit the balls out of footage for hours to come.

So hey, if you decide to check out this cool new app, come find me at “jerodkillick”.

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