“You already finished, well before the start of the race.”

I have started tapering leading to the BMO Vancouver Marathon on May 1st.  Each week I am decreasing my distance by about 20% with the final week putting in uber low time on the road.  This is my first marathon, and I honestly have not felt to bonkers!

The Taper Crazies

People talk about the “taper crazies” and I have to say that they are correct. You are left with a strong sense of restlessness as the cumulative fatigue from months of training starts to dissipate. However, in my mind this is not the most difficult challenge.

In actuality, what I have found problematic is the worry that race day will be a flop due to decreased fitness. This is crazy thinking indeed, but the dreadful place my mind likes to go.

A friend today said the following, something that I will carry with me over the next two weeks leading to race day. Restlessness and excessive worry about performance are challenging, but these words settle my neurotic mind:

“Your accomplishment is life changing – everything past the start line on race day is icing”

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