“Marathon reckoning day! One month to go, and I feel amazing!”

Video Now Published

The March training log is now posted on YouTube!  I am very excited!  This is the final video installment leading up to me running the BMO Vancouver Marathon, 2016.

Back in August, I felt quite overwhelmed about the adventure ahead.  It is hard to believe the journey is almost at its climax.  After building a training plan, and sticking to that training plan, I feel prepared for the distance.  I will be breaking the race up into two races, the first 32k, and the final 10k.  This take some performance anxiety out of the race as I now start my taper.

Good Things To Come

Thank you everyone for the outstanding support along the way.  Look forward to an upcoming video of my race day experience within a couple of days after the event.  I am so excited for my fellow runners looking to accomplish their running goals at this event, regardless if it is your first half, 5k, etc.

You stayed the course!  A special cheers to you!  🙂

Check It Out!

Following is the published video.  I look forward to your feedback!  Hey! Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel to help it grow!

My Final Video Before the BMO Vancouver Marathon was last modified: August 2nd, 2017 by Jerod Killick
  • Great work this past month. Best of luck to you with your big run coming up. Great to hear you have been injury free (since the last incident) and don’t forget to pack the Airborne! Cheers

  • Many thanks!! I’m very excited!! Thank you very much for your support!! Cheers!! 🙂

  • Good luck Jerod. I am sure it will be a fantastic race. I really look forward to the recap.

  • Many thanks. Gave you guys a plug at beginning of video as well.