ZOINKS! Only a week remaining to the BMO Vancouver Marathon.  What a journey this has been.  I am feeling incredibly calm as I move into the final stretch before race day.  Following is a list of my taper experience to this point.

  • Tapering is quite difficult, but not difficult for the reasons I imagined when it began three weeks ago.  I did experience some degree of restlessness as many people talk about.  However the biggest challenge is what has been happening between my ears.  Self doubt is the devil!
  • At the peak of training, cumulative fatigue is the biggest challenge, mostly because you are not as aware of it until you are well into your taper, now that you feel rested.
  • Nutrition is important every day, all days of your life.  During the taper, I learned how to “eat to heal”.  Food is thy medicine, as well is good sleep and relaxation.
  • Pain is only temporary!  As my taper has progressed, those aches and pains have dissipated.
  • I view the race differently today than I did at the peak of my training.
    • a) I am going to finish the race.
    • b) I am shooting for a given time (5 hrs).
    • c) I am going to have a blast while I am out there.
    • d) Having a blast means if I don’t make my time, then I had a blast regardless.
    • e) If I make or beat my time, then extra warm feelings all around.

Can you tell I am feeling both zen and excited all at the same time?  YuP!  That is possible!

Cheers for now!

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