“Once you feel better, take an extra day off.”

The First Signs

Last weekend I felt the horror of the onset of a cold with only 60ish days to my first marathon. I have been able to escape the 2015 cold and flu season when most everyone around me dropped like flies. 2016 had something else in store!

Symptoms of the common cold vary. I experienced most my symptoms above the neck with the exception of lethargy and some mild GI distress. It hung on for about eight days. Staying off the road this week was very difficult!

Following is what I learned:

  • Stay off the road! You will not lose significant fitness over a ten day span of time.
  • Don’t think about running at ALL!
  • Relax. Stressing about not sticking to your running plan only raises cortisol, consequently, slowing your body’s ability to fight the virus having a party in your body.
  • Once you feel better, take an extra day off.
  • Feed your cold!  Do not worry about gaining weight. You will burn it off in a couple long runs.
  • Spend extra time with your pug and cats. Avoid kissing your hubby; he does not want your bug.

It is no fun getting a sick. My advice is to take it easy and ride the wave to health. The road will be waiting and the time you took off to get better will pay off in the end.

Have A Cold? Marathon Training? Here Is What I Learned! was last modified: July 7th, 2017 by Jerod Killick