Pain and doubt are only in our mind

I am in peak marathon training mode.  Although I had a full week off the road due to a crappy virus that didn’t want to let me go from its grip, I got right back on the saddle.  I came back with a vengeance!

After two full months of nearly 200k workouts each, I am headed for a small shortfall this month due to needed rest.  Since getting back on the road, I have noticed that I run about 4x a week now, and have really tried to maximize my efforts.  Prior I tried to get in more frequent workouts with less focus.

As I sit in the evening feel both accomplished and spent, I am remembering two important quotes:

“Embrace doubt.” by Ethan Newberry


“Embrace the pain.” by Rob Krar

As we approach a massive goal such as running a marathon, doubt is sure to slip into even the most forward looking soul.  We also learn to accept that pain is an inevitable part of the path.  However, running from doubt and pain leads to discouragement and the probability of quitting.

So, what is winning?  

Winning means embracing your doubt, knowing that failure is always a possibility, and that failure does not define you.  Winning is also embracing the nature of what pain means,  accepting its very nature and inevitability.  Embracing doubt and pain teaches you that both are only temporary and that once you face each toe-to-toe, only then you have finally, and fully, conquered them.

Embrace Pain and Doubt was last modified: November 24th, 2016 by Jerod Killick