“Go wireless – you will never look back!”

Earbuds simply do not stay in my ear.  I have spent gobs of money on different wired and wireless earbuds over the years.  Nothing has worked for me.  As much as I do not want to accept it, I have a funky pinna morphology.

Finding buds that stay firm during normal activity is challenging.  Finding buds for running is an absolute impossibility.

Following is a quick video review of the Jaybird X2 wireless headphones.  They are appropriately marketed as “Secure Fit” and “Sweat Proof”.  There were very few negatives that I could find after a week of daily use.

I used the Jaybirds on my 30k long slow distance training run today.  They were fab!  It does take some time to get the initial fit right.  There are many options in the box to customize the buds for every ear type.  This includes foam and silicone inserts, and three different sizes of fins.


30k With My Jaybird x2 Wireless Headphones was last modified: September 6th, 2017 by Jerod Killick
  • Even after loving my Jaybird x2 wireless buds, I got the Apple Airpods. Horrible! Again, my ears are messed up!