Leaving the Chill of February Behind!

February is likely the most difficult training month while training for a Spring race.  For me, that is the BMO Vancouver Marathon.  I have put in 200k over the last 28 days.  The physical challenge was only about 25% of the battle.  Learning how to deal with the cold and damp weather has pushed me in more ways than I ever thought.

Push through teaches us that we can do most anything in our day-to-day life.  At the beginning of training, we perceive, in a foreboding way, that there are more obstacles to come than there actually are.  We are stronger and more capable than our mind wants us to believe.

With that, here is three cheers (with a beer in hand) to the end of a miserable training month.  I am reminding myself that Summer fitness is forged during winter training months.  Here is to kicking ass and looking good!

Following is a set of cool photos from my last long run of the month.  Honors to everyone for setting goals and attaining them!


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