“All toenails go to heaven!”

by Someone Clever

Runners talk endlessly about injury, primarily out of foreboding dread.  However, not all injuries are as dramatic as experiencing a stress fractures, sprained ankle and/or tendinitis.

Training for a marathon guarantees the death of at least one toenail along the way.  I am no exception in this regard!  I would have attached a picture of my mangled toes, toes destroyed by endless hours spent pounding pavement, but that would only result in dropped readership!

If you are curious, head on over to YouTube, search for “runner’s feet,” and you will quickly find horrific painful looking images.  IKK!

Needless to say, my feet have never looked so terrible.  Do I care?  Hell no!  I consider it a prize for my efforts.  Toenails do grow back (…at least i hope…)!


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